Monday, November 06, 2006

Complete Performance!

In my previous post I wrote about a magic of ‘Management’. I found another widely used (read abused) word – performance! And what’s a performance this word has shown me…

Everyone seems to be bugged by this wonder-word (doesn’t it sound like wonder-drug!). Everything and everyone is being measured by performance.

Men’s Health is worried about performance in bed. Shahrukh is worried about performance of ‘Don’. Sachin is worried, Dada is worried, Sehwag is worried and entire cricket loving nation called India is also worried of performance of ‘boys’ in the field. My boss also seems to be worried about the performance.

One wonders is there any parameter on which performance can be judged. In my opinion its quite subjective because even now Sachin and Dada believes that they are performing (at least on TV screens they are!).

I believe analyzing someone or something with performance yardstick is nothing but trying to analyze how puppet works! Any takers? Anyways, I need to know the real definition of ‘performance’. Is there anyone, who can perform this task for me?

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