Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I love LG!

Well, to be very honest; I don't love LG. I hate LG. My wife hates LG. My six year old son hates LG. Why? Because we are deprived of our right - despite paying price to the company for a product manufactured by them. A product which doesn't work. With a service quality so poor and service managers not responding to us in a proper manner and company not bothered about the consumers - am sure Life is Good for them! and they love their company, because who cares! They are just getting salaries to keep their bosses happy. I surely love to work for LG!

Just imagine... my wife wants to buy a new refrigerator, she liked one model but when she looked at the company, she changed her mind. yes, your guess was right - it was LG. My son wants me to change my mini hi-fi system to Sony from LG, so at least he can watch his movies or enjoy music. Is he going to buy LG? No... Imagine my friends - if they are going to ask me to suggest a good brand to buy electronics? Am i going to suggest LG? No. Imagine my wife doing the same. Imagine my son carrying forward this feeling throughout his life...

I am not saying that because one family stops buying product from LG, the company would run out of business. Just imagine... this is just a beginning - there will be more families... Life is Good. Hunh!

God Bless!